💀 Bodies of tons of inherently evil humans stacks up
👮 Citizens will understand the importance of border security and travel bans
🏡 Unoccupied homes will become affordable finally
💹 Globalists and corporatists suffer trade, stock, and profit losses

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It may result in the destruction of the CCP and breaking up of China into multiple countries.

That it took so many deaths is a tragedy, regardless of how you perceive them. Yes. Even the retarded ones that each bat soup.

And the worst thing...

It hasn't spread to Africa.

Nobody would notice or care. Perhaps it did!

Oh we'd know. The MSM would be all over asking for donations to help them.

They'd have those idiotic late night commercials mooching for money to help the sad tragic big teary eyed kids in slow motion with sappy music playing and some has-been actor voicing super sad words begging four our help now!

And white people would immediately be blamed for it. Gotta juice that white guilt for all it's worth.

What about "Chaos"? I'd vote for chaos. Or instability. Or the fucking breakdown of our sick political order. Or how about the dying off of boomers?

Closed borders are unrealistic and wishful thinking. And Corona-Chan chooses her lovers more or less at random. Boomers will have a higher chance of filling the ditches, as do have HIV-positive homosexuals and HIV-positive niggers...

Now where I'm thinking about it...