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The whole thing smells of a World Bank global governance scheme. They couldn’t make their World Bank controlled carbon credit SDG agenda 2030 bullshit happen because there were too many people who weren’t buying into the climate doom propaganda. It’s like the World Bank’s sister entity at the WHO decided an attempt on taking away sovereignty and pushing all of the other agendas could be accomplished by way of a virus....so far it seems to be working like a charm. Fucking disgusting how quickly Americans jumped on board with the idea of giving up their Bill of Rights over this fear campaign.

I've been thinking along the same lines as you. There was a simulation of a global pandemic just weeks before covid showed up on the world stage. Until the majority of people accept the fact that yes, there is a satanic global cabal that wants to rule the world and will do anything to achieve their goals, they will just keep on advancing their agenda. We need world leaders to step forward and pull back the curtain on them. I know JFK was killed for trying to do just that, but if enough people, along with the leaders starting talking about them, and loudly, we just might be able to defeat the central banking cabal bastards.

>The whole thing smells of a World Bank global governance scheme.

What's for sure is that this crisis, real or supposed, will be used to consolidate power by those who already have it, that's a fucking given, there's no objective reason for them to not jump on that opportunity

For all we know, a majority of the patients who’ve died allegedly from Covid could’ve had this swab test done and came up with a false positive, when in reality they probably had the flu. Everything can be manipulated with this test, they can say it’s in every state and every country when 8 out of the 10 tests they perform for Covid in this way show a false positive. Fucking scam

I don't trust any of the statistics.

What I do trust is that the ccp wouldn't nuke its economy - and risk a revolution or outside intervention - for nothing.

All governments want their slaves outside the house and generating taxable revenue like good little citizens.

They would if the new pool of tax slaves is the entire world. Global economic reset, cashless digital currency......an armed populace who stands in the way of that plan. Unleash the chaos As the engineered collapse of the dollar hits home, and allow national guard/UN to “stabilize” the situation....oh wait, in order to do so, disarming people will be a necessity

I'm talking about the PRC.

It is dependent on IP theft and trade to flourish and placate its citizens.

Doing this risks trade embargoes with the whole of the world. That is going to really, really hurt. Full surveillance and a capable navy, army, and airforce, are all very expensive.

A lot of imponderables here, it's gambling

There's zero certitude this scenario would in the end turn in favor of the ccp, or any body else for that matter

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Well if we have a lot of false positives then the mortality rate is higher. Makes sense considering the flu almost never requires you to go on a ventilator, and this does, maybe the cases where it doesn't are the false positives. Maybe all these asymptomatic "carriers" are all just false positive cases. It just seems odd that a disease that sends young people onto a ventilator also only has an 8% mortality rate on old people.

Now that would really be an argument for less worry. We've all been told this is a creeping disease you can't observe until it's too late. What if there are no asymptomatic people. They were just false positives.

Or we are all lying to ourselves because the truth is that this disease is going to suck. 8 million phone users disappeared in China. Still not worth letting the fed print money for their friends. Many of us will die. Life will go on. And we won't be slaves to any bank. If we know what's good for us.