Especially music/artist you haven't heard before. If so, have you found a new song you enjoy?

Especially music/artist you haven't heard before. If so, have you found a new song you enjoy?

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I will listen to music if I haven't heard that particular tune in a while.

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Have you 'discovered' any unfamiliar music you've come to enjoy?

Not that I remember off the top of my head. Maybe a new song from an artist I already like, but I don't think I've ever clicked on something totally new. Perhaps I will now.

There's a radio show I listen to and he plays a lot of K-pop bumper music...he gave a group and song name one weekend and now my JewTube is littered with K-pop.

If I don't know it, or think I know it, I'll listen before upvoting it. If I know it, like Bohemian Rhapsody, I'm hitting that upvote.

I usually listen to most of the songs I upvote. However if I'm out and about in a place where I can't really listen to music I'll upvote if I already know I like the song.

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Both. If it’s one I know, even if I don’t listen to it, I’ll save it. With the new services and being able to create a playlist here, I’m really enjoying that aspect.

Edit: I will ALWAYS look at the comments regardless of the song. I love your commentary on bands and songs. Always learn something interesting.

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I do enjoy that ability to create a playlist also. I had suggested that and it's great Boobs and @AOU actually listen to the users and do things when it's possible.

And thanks.

I don't really listen to music in general

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To each their own but I can't imagine a life without music. It would seem like not being able to see colors, only black and white.

Oh don't get me wrong, I love listening to, singing to, dancing to, and playing music. I just seldom listen to music on my own. I play music on my own, but don't listen to it that often.

I've noticed that because of this, I get alot more pleasure from listening to music when I do hear it, than others do who listen regularly.

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I play music on my own

That sounds like the best way to experience it. What instrument do you play, if I may ask.

i'll give a listen to something i'm not familiar with. i did come across some new (for me) tunes/artists that i really liked ...but i think that was more on voat than here.

Since I generally listen to mostly new music, I will actually listen to it if I haven't heard it yet.

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Are you finding much you enjoy? By your username that might be possible but secular music, for me, has been pretty horrible since the '80's. Every once in a while I'll find an artist enjoy but since they're mostly indie's they rarely have much material.

I have been working on a new music release scraping project for quite some time, I gave up on it a while back ago because it was just too involving. Now I've come back and limited it to just two main sources and that has worked out nicely for me (I was using hundreds previously). I have found during this whole experience a lot of small, indie, and obscure artists that I really enjoy. Some of them don't sing in English. Some have nearly zero views on Spotify. Some are on underground music sites that you've probably never even heard of.

Yes, there is a lot of good stuff out there, but you need to do some digging.

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I don't know what you're into but here's a guy I've come to know that posts in a thread we host every Friday for homemade music over on Voat. He's a singer/songwriter with an amazing voice in a style I would call folk/country/ballad. I really enjoy him, maybe you will or not. Music is pretty personal after all.

If thumbnail and title looks like something I might like, I'll listen to it a little to see if I like it.

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