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someone needs to enlighten auntie on how easy it is to build a gaming machine, that also does emulation. ill give credit where its do, but.... i almost feel sorry for them, on account of how stupid some of them sound, but then they open their mouth again, and i am forced to scold myself for being so kind.

The negro is suggesting the white man will steal the idea of building your own PC using parts and to document the idea using paper to prevent this from happening. Not sure that is how patenting works, but maybe paper is like magic never seen before to this particular negro.

Also while it's cool to build PCs the parts are literally designed for it so it hardly qualifies as an "idea". May as well say you invented IKEA furniture.

Hardest thing about it is to order AMD motherboards for AMD chips or vice versa with Intel chips. .. in fact I think literally everything else can't get fucked up. All the graphics card brands mostly use the same standard port and disks, drives and PSUs are fairly compatible as well etc..