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[–] stupidbird 7 pts (+7|-0) (edited )

Yes. I see a lot of pre-amp and All-American-5 and other radio tubes in there. Things like 12AX7/AU7 will probably fetch a decent price because those are used in amplifiers, and most of the other tubes look like common radio types. Assuming they're all new, of course - radio shops liked to easter egg tubes sometimes and you'll get boxes with the wrong, used tube in them.

As far as dumping them, maybe do some research and try to offer them as a lot on local forums, or maybe someplace like Antique Electronic Supply - don't know if they even buy that anymore. Barring that, if you know someone that does hamfests, try that when we have them again.

For example:

That's outrageous. I need to clean out my tube drawer.

[–] suplex [OP] 5 pts (+5|-0)

All in boxes are new, whats a decent price for 12AX7/AU7 ?

[–] stupidbird 1 pt (+1|-0) (edited )

The boxes are new, but are the tubes inside the right ones? An RCA 12AX7A tested good on a Hickock tester can fetch >$100 in the right places. Tubes are a niche thing these days, tho, so you may have to search to find a buyer.

Other common ones in the mini range to look out for are 35W4/50C5/12BA6/12BE6/12AV6 - those are the "All American 5" and can go for decent prices as well.

[–] suplex [OP] 1 pt (+1|-0)

Yes tubes inside are right ones, it was my dads stash. If you know anyone interested or a specific place I can put them up for sale let me know.

eBay you have to deal with their stupid managed payments and fees and people complaining that what you sent them was broken (and you get back a smashed RCA box of glass with a sylvania logo on it) or that it didn't work. eBay sucks.

12AU7 is typically a mic preamp.