Also specify genre

Also specify genre

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Every region of the US with a large liberal population has its preferred hub of music, but eventually all music will go through the mainstream media distribution and authorization filters in either Southern California or Southern New York.


Not anymore. It's all down south in Los Angeles now. Portland has a huge indie/college music scene though, if your into people who can't play their instruments or sing

In the late 90s and early 2000s New Orleans had the best metal on the planet

Chicago suburbs were big 1969 through the 1970's. Ted Nugent (lived in Hoffman Estates, IL when he went to the all boys St. Viator HS, where the priests made the boys swim nude in PE class. No lie.) Shadows of Knight, Cryin' Shames, Jamestown Massacre, REO Speedwagon, Eddie Clearwater, and many local bands and blues guitarists that were damn good but didn't make it big.

Nude swimming in PE was normal back then

I thought it was gay 50 years ago. It was, since it was a Catholic HS run by pedo priests.

Gay as fuck but I think it was normal in public schools also