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We’ve had 3 explores 1 expedition 4 e-150 2 f-150 2 focuses 1 f-700 and one arostar van between myself and my dad personal and busines over the last 25 years and the only transmission I’ve ever had problems with was the mini van and that was my fault, I was jumping curbs doing donuts and just driving like a sixteen year old . My best friend put 4 transmissions in his Silverado before he got rid of it , I think some people just get lemons.

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My Mazda transmission is doing great. (Ford makes Mazda these days)

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Many Fords, zero problems.

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Glad to see that someone is breaking the stereotype

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I'll never understand where that 'stereo type' came from ... because in all my years, other than them having a few of the mid-Taurus runs that had some gimpy transmissions, I've never seen this as a problem. Are there the occasional lemon, of course ... but drive by any transmission shop and you'll see no over representation by Ford.