Why? Now I have to move them again... I'm dumb sometimes.

Why? Now I have to move them again... I'm dumb sometimes.

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It's like in Jurassic Park:

Are they heavy?


Then they're expensive, put'm down.

He is a bigger question why do people give you broken lap tops and why do you except them?

I can give him my broken laptops?

He will take them and add them to the pile. Why? No one knows.

Actully with lots of time taking them apart I think they can be scrapped for $.

I don't have any at the moment, but I will remember that for when a laptop breaks.

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You know what. I don't have a good answer but. but. I don't have a comeback.

all I can say is the reason I kept so much 32 bit old hardware I had leftover from an upgrade. You keep them just in case. This stuff is an anchor around your neck. Keeping shit that is old is letting your possessions rule your living space. You need a space big enough to keep all the shit and have to make sure it doesn't get any worse than it is like from water damage. Just trashing this shit is liberating and you'll have a relief knowing the shit is gone never to return. Just let your packrat side take a day off and use your logical side to take the shit to the dump and just let the shit go. I was running xp with a 128mb video card and still had a 1mb and a 8mb card in a box, I had a soundblaster that would not work past win98 and about 6 ethernet cards. I kept trying to give them away because my mind was telling me someone might like them. So either get off your ass and take some precious free time and fix them and give them away or sell them online with linux if possible or just pack them up in a box and take a trip to the dump and pay to have them disposed off.

That's what my workshop/garage is for.

I hoard all sorts of shit.

Mind you, I also build all sorts of shit.

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