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Saw it ... wasn't impressed. It's best remembered by me by those cultists who followed it home to nirvana or something - LOL

The damn thing was bright, colorful, dual tailed, and quarter sized (at arms length). You must be very hard to please!

LOL - maybe my memories foggy ... I'm getting old ya know! But I didn't think it was that impressive at the time. I took the wife and kids out to see it on a couple of occasions ... seriously, maybe I just didn't have the timing down right, or bad atmospheric conditions, who knows.

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It was impressive when it was closest to earth. It was still visible for a while after that, but got smaller and harder to see. I almost missed it, oddly enough. I was on a business trip with a co-worker who pointed it out to me after a long meeting. I was surprised at how big and bright it was. Not so much so, days later.