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No idea what a single shot of narcan costs but I don't have a lot of pity for people too stupid to google "generic epipen".

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Generic epinephrine still costs a little over $100 for the auto injector. Name brand narcan costs upwards of $4000. Generic, $178. Addicts get them for free though if they're caught in an overdose.

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Looking around online real quick and I found CVS sells generic narcan for $130 and generic epipen for about $100 ..but those prices are without insurance, which most people have. So the out of pocket is probably even less depending on coverage. But yes, in the scenario you describe, the person gets free narcan and the public fits the bill, which is about $65 per junkie (2 shots per pack).

So is your position that they should have to pay for the narcan dose? Or that epipens should also be free?

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I totally agree. Like so many things we work against ourselves in the name of emotion rather than practicality. Narcan and reviving addicts is about the stupidest new trend I've seen in ages. Nothing against these folks and some ... some ... may move on with their lives and make something of themselves, but I concur, why should they be singled out as special and deserving of a free second, third, or fourth chance when folks who through no fault of their own are forced to die without the slightest sympathy.

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Not to mention how much the name brand costs. I just looked at it and almost had a heart attack

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It's a serious problem. The drugs are costing more than those who can afford them can pay ... drug companies don't care ... the press pushes it off as a health insurance problem, implying their free health care nonsense is the solution ... meanwhile, real people with diabetes are dying because they can't afford the insulin. And what does our congress do, chase mythical Russians. And cities, counties, governments everywhere dole out free Narcan. Makes a lotta sense, aye.

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