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The shooter is clearly a brainwashed wind-up toy. No way could you shoot at cops at 8am in NYC without people on the street heading to work and school recording your actions and reporting your movements to 911 on their smartphones. The last time I was through the Bronx, I found it remarkable how even people on food pantry lines had the latest and greatest in smartphones.

That is the same everywhere. Most of them are ghetto rich. That is also why they will be perpetually poor.

What I mean is that there is an enormous amount of mobile surveillance and communications devices on the streets of even the "poorest" neighborhoods in America. There should've been so much noise on the wire about this guy long before he got to the station. There should've been a flurry of police activity, with officers heading out the door, hands on holsters responding to calls for assistance from the attacked officers and the 911 relayed calls letting them know the shooter was heading in the stations direction, but they were clearly caught off guard.

Yeah but that assumption requires the police to be competent, and not a bunch of affirmative action government employees.