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Because during their communist revolution anyone with empathy or morals was shot in the head, for generations. They aren't as far gone as pitbulls (those all need to be put down), but they are getting there.

I would say the issue goes farther back than that. They used to have exams for people to take in order to become bureaucrats. The Chinese have had a long history of gaming testing.

Because arbitrary barriers to entry, like university degrees, are supposed to be worked around.

University degrees aren't inherently bad. They're being diluted, some degrees are dumb, and we pretend degrees are the only key to the future.

They aren't inherently bad, but when your society says you have to have a degree for a job (that has nothing to do with the degree held) or to immigrate then there is something seriously wrong with it.

I don't dispute something is seriously wrong, I just think colleges need to be repaired rather than removed.