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Not only do they not help they work against those that help them. I would love to see the West abandon them. I wonder how long they'd last even with all that stolen tech

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I've always felt they can fend for themselves.

They're a completely dependent welfare state. They used the holocaust to extort billions from Germany and Europe. They got transfers from Germany during the war. They had aid from Germany in emigrating to israel. They were mandated by the British. And today they are supplied billions annually from the US. They stole everything they have from the West as far as technology goes or they get subsidized or funneled for the rest. They make war with all of their enemies in the name of expanding "greater israel". The only reason they're still around despite making enemies of everyone around them is because the US and NATO have destroyed everyone around them. They lobby the US heavily for this aid. They lobby the West harder than any other group. They are the original welfare people and that's why they push welfare and redistribution of wealth because if it's normal and common for special interest groups to be propped up that's just more welfare the jews can get for themselves.

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Arab militaries are so disorganized, Israel could make it. Of course, if Iran were to fight them that would be different.