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Through God, all things are possible. Does a man who's arm is cut off have no hope? Our enemies betray us and injure us, but we must carry on.

A ship thats been holed can still reach it's destination. A ship that goes down with all souls on board is a tragedy. More tragic still is a ship who's crew has jumped ship in desperation and gone down into Davey Jones locker. The ship goes on sailing the seas with no destination. aimlessly, endlessly, like the flying Dutchman.

In this case, the ship has gone down because the bottom was removed. You can lift it up and replace the parts that are missing, but it will never be the same as it was when the keel was laid for the first time.

if it supports life its good enough. its just a meat sack anyway. there is more to us than our physiology.

True that, but there are some people that have nothing else to offer but their assumed gender identities, so they want to make sure you know. Shoving unwanted dicks down someone's throat tends to make them upset for some reason.

It's hard to come back from destroying your genitals. On purpose.

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