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Fire up the ovens at one of the old camps they've preserved in Germany and Poland. Those were capable of doing thousands per day...

6Million/4years/365days per yr = 4 109 bodies a day in the furnace with wooden doors. Easy.

That's superior German engineering that those Southerners can't copy.

then all you have to do is walk in without masks and drag the bodies all the way to the pit ez

I thought Stalin had the chambers built after the war to show his interpretation of what happened. hm

Everything that comes out in the media is false. The Jew controls them. You have to look for it in the UN, EDF, Bank of international payments, their mansions, castles, remove them from power and send them to Mars to do their wickedness and follies there.

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I got attacked by an old jew in a bar because I denied the holohoax. While striking back at him, about eight young guys attacked me from behind.

It is dangerous to deny the holohoax.

Oh, and of course I am permanently flagged from the bar. Not the aggressor jew.