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On a related note the women -- I forget her name -- did not write all of that code. The image on the left was a Reddit darling several years ago because it proved that women were better than men in the sciences and math. But she was just part of a much larger team. The image had been re-purposed by liberals and feminists for propaganda.

OTOH the image on the right is 100% accurate.

Oh and in case anyone forgot, genius nigger mathematician bitches were solely responsible for getting the otherwise hopeless white man to the moon. Hollywood did a documentary about it.

Imagine being such a retard that you think monkeys were responsible for a much more intelligent and resourceful race's initial planetaty exploration of other planets.



That's still one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. At least the funniest mentally ill explosion.

I hate seeing idiot women or "women" ruin the image of the few women who are quite decent programers. There are some out there who want to write things that work and care just about getting things done and not some social agenda. And a handful are really quite good.

Then you have these monsters who want to make programming this political thing. Thing is, it never added who or what you were. At its core, programming was always a meritocracy.

I know a dev like that. She's young and cute and smart and asian. She does better work than most of the team [although the new Russian guy is surprisingly good]. I knew a smart and motivated blonde IT chick 20 or so years ago, but I heard she got married and had kids and quit the biz, and good for her.

They're a rare breed and the piece of shit SJWs do give them all a bad reputation.

I used to do hiring for IT. Interviewed several chicks for coding positions, hired a couple, none could code well and ended up putting them on the help desk or similar. There were a couple of excellent coders in my classes at Uni who were female but they probably stayed in academia. I'm not saying girls can't be good coders but generally speaking it does not play to their strengths.

I've heard that chicks tend to make good technical writers but I've never witnessed it myself.

It's fucking rare, indeed. The dev gal I mentioned does write pretty decent documentation but it's nothing super special, it's just concise and accurate unlike what most of the other devs do.

Our best dev ever was my boss for a couple years and that was great because he's one of those freakishly brilliant coders who just understands EVERYTHING. He reads RFCs and documentation for fun and remembers all of it, so every protocol, specification, whatever, he just KNOWS it, and can put together whatever is necessary to just make a project work out. It was inspiring to provide support to this guy's [occasionally insane looking] ideas. It sucked when he got bored with this company and moved on.

Yep. Just about anytime I've been on a team with a woman, she contributes little and later gets all the credit. Other soy boys on the team pat themselves on the back for "fixing" sexism by not being bothered she gets their credit, and if you have a problem with someone taking credit for your work you're misogynistic.