I'm still there and my problem with voat is that every other post is a repost and that every problem in the world is jew jew jew. Sure a problem could be a jewish made problem but some of those guys have a one track mind.

Yup! Nailed it ... all big talk by those not smart enough to do anything but blame others for their own shortcomings

I'm not trying to bring that negativity here, but you're a smart dude.

Are Jews over or underrepresented in Congress or the Senate?

What about billionaires?

Do you think Israel is a force for good in this world of ours?

I don't get into all this race, religion, whatever BS ... I'm old and have no time for derision in my life concerning things I have no power to control. IMHO there are good and bad people everywhere for the most part, though I do have my own concerns, so it's just not something I choose to discuss.

> "all big talk by those not smart enough to do anything but blame others for their own shortcomings."

Case in point... The Incel Community

^ This

Soo... You got TOO redpilled and ran away from the reality? AAHAHAHAHHA.

Nah. Same will happen here. Npt woth me, I'm not in POAL's targeted demo.

The thing is, you sad little wilting daffodils, that the dame thing will happen here in time, not because we did it, but because you will. I will tell you with something approaching near certainty that within 2 years you yourselves will be telling your sons to shoot any one of those things that gets too close

Did leaving Voat solve the Jew problem?

Does the Jew still own all of western civilization's seditious mainstream news agencies and all of our usury central banks and use bribery to control our governments?

All television programming was invented for the sole purpose of propaganda. It's a choice to consume it or not. No one is forcing anyone to use the central banks currency, people voluntarily do so. Governments do what they do because the people allow it, so blaming the jews does nothing to solve the problems that people themselves allow. When was the last time a jewish government employee put a gun to your head and forced you to do anything?

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Even though i agree those things are a problem that will have to be dealt with eventually, voat has become an inverse fractal echo chamber. Unlike normal fractals which decrease with each iteration, the hatred increases with each iteration, and is approaching infinity. Couple this with the fact no-one who posts ever does anything irl, which reduces posibilities to just a bunch of shallow larpers who talk big but have nothing to show for it.

The worst part is they vote brigade anyone who does not larp hard enough.

Some try but I hate a dirty and twisted mind and can trash them on the keyboard so bad they just back off.

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This is what interests me in Poal. Voat has some good parts, but because of the mainstream board culture it's impossible to recommend it to my friends or to strangers online. There's not much use to it unless you're specifically looking for right-wing news or memes, and unfortunately most of those are reposts or clickbait anyway.

Ideally I'd like to see Poal be focused on quality over politics. But definitely have a pro-free-speech, pro-libertarian board culture.

So tired of the constant political bullshit on voat. Just about every frontpage post on voat is political. Voat might as well be a gov't sponsored bulletin board. Maybe it is...

What's scary on Alexa is that Voat is rated in the 6000 range of top sites, Minds is just over 1000, and Poal is like above 160,000th most visited. This is backwards from what I would have guessed.

There is a lot of traffic from the Q-tards and from the recent ban wave at reddit

For a good portion of 2018 the mods over on Reddit were telling users to just "fuck off to Voat already."

They stopped doing that when they realized that "power users"(1) actually were leaving Reddit for Voat and the various chan boards.

Reddit used to have several artists and other users making exclusive original content specifically for Reddit. The site peaked mid to late 2014. The 2016 election broke the site.

(1) This is an old term from back in the Digg.com days. These are the few users that actually frequently post & engage content throughout the day. The keep the subs from stagnating.

There are a lot of shills on Voat now posting that garbage shitting up the site. You literally have to block entire subs to clean the front page up.

There were also a few anon subs set up by the shills for spamming. They fell by the wayside when those idiots realize that Voat has spam controls for anon posts.

I like the looks of this place. I'm actually relieved this sub was made. Though I hate to think of letting them win... I ask myself win what? A place without hateful crap to wade through everyday is a relief.

My thanks to our mods.

I never left and still regularly contribute. I also never hesitate to piss off the former redditors and NPC's that post on the site. And from time to time, everyone gets the joke.

Yeah, I never post there anymore. But I do scan the memes from time to time, because there's more traffic. Putt just turned me off back when we had that big outage and I never looked back more or less.

i had to leave it since there was nothing i could do there, no posts nor comments, not even voting rights, its like being born in bondage from day 1 at voat, only sheeple losers are using Voat.co and Minds.com

Bit idiotic to make a not-reddit, and then fast track your site to turning into reddit by forcibly teaching users to karmawhore from day one.

I'm still there. I'm on Voat, Poal, and Phucks. Diversity is our strength.

This is the only site I'm not on. Trying to limit the the damage these braindead boomer cultists do by posting their idiotic jewish revenge fantasies is a full time job. Too many people were pointed to voat, and the jew used the boomers to poison that well completely with their utter worthlessness. They eliminate any credibility resistance to the jew could have.

Just reading their mind controlled larp bullshit makes my gums ache.