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He: I swear, honey, I'll only put the tip in.
She: Well, ok.
He put the tip in, and it felt so good he couldn't resist slamming it in balls deep.
She: Ooohh, that feels good! Now put it in the rest of the way!

And with that, Hans swore off straight sex forever.

Whether Hans was the "he" or the "she" in this little tale is left as an exercise for the student.

You guys are falling for shill trends.

Ask those of us who followed FastJack and friends over what we know. You'll get a very different story than the one that you would have gotten from the redditfags at Voat or the confused normies/newfags in QRV.

I get it - you were exposed to the loud minority of us who, frankly, aren't all that stimulating or competent.