Isn't that Larry from Leave it to Beaver?

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Kind of looks / looked like him, but that's a tech deck with the tech deck ramp and such I believe.

The first known finger skateboards came along in the 1970s from what I understand. Leave it to beaver ended in 1963.

So they photoshopped on the hat and shirt then added in the skateboard and skateboard ramp as well if that's the case. With all the other parts obviously photoshopped since WW2 ended in 1945. Leave it to beaver didn't start until the late 50s or 1950s to as well.

It's pretty much all photoshopped and/or shopped for that matter so if that is Larry which I think you are right they just photoshopped and/or added a ton of stuff to Larry or around Larry from Leave It To Beaver then to set the mood for this picture / image.

I am pretty sure they used time travel rather than shooping.

But that's just like my super educated opinion, man.