I have so many degrees

I'm a PhD kek!!

These people are so useless.

I was gonna say, I don't have a PhD in anything maybe that's why I'm not a dumbass.

edit: ok, I am a dumbass, but not the specific kind that brags about forgetting words and making up new ones on twatter

Yeah, I don't have a PhD or a degree for that matter so that part is a little ridiculous/irrelevant to forgetting words. I think it's there way of making fun of themselves. Like I have this degree and still mess up Or I'm still a dumbass as you put it. I just thought it was a funny post bc I'm constantly blanking on words. They call it mom brain. :/

Forgot the word friends so substituted to people I don't hate. This person is likely a person that hates almost everyone. The proper one would be people I really enjoy being around. Wow that is so freudian. Seems like something an SJW would think because they hate everything or love everything sort of bipolar or manic depressive.