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Let me tell you a great tale. So woman want work.. OK.! Unless they have career in a field they want ( sexy pseudo science dance) they are the WORST to work with! I am a woman who runs a business older in other words slut is an insult .. nothing I would write on my body or be proud of. Old school. Doesn’t matter under 35.. no concept of time.. team work.. or work ethic. Not all but the majority.! We need to schedule so much around their lives down too cramps, pms and periods. Yes I have had all the calls.?Boys or men may try but we say no just like women difference is they don’t cry and pull a guilt trip! They get it! Work or don’t.!


I guess what I’m saying is all the good men are working and are about to support you lazy entitled ass !

Women chased them away. The democrats want little boys turned to little girls, feminists want men put in concentration camps. Women take half of what a man owns. This dumb gender thing trying to remove boy, man, men, father etc from speech. Push for sex change, push for transgender. When people wake up one day they will realize they themselves killed all good period. I could go on forever but women only have women to blame. You made the bed now lie in it.