"Student" takes money, blows it, gets punched. He's lucky he wasn't shot. Low IQ fool.

What else you supposed to do. If you let 1 slide others will. When you selling dope we don't want to beat your ass but you make us

Not sell dope and not get a kid to purchase it for him would be what a normal teacher should do. Though this teacher was a piece of shit and should be shot himself. He's supposed to teach good morals and not make them drug dealers. This teacher is a fucking low life that deserves at least 30 years in prison to like you said "you can't let 1 slide or others will" and any teacher after should get the same sentence.

I think he taught the student valuable real world experience. More teachers should be like him.

I think real world experience would be like the old days. The pissed off mom calls someone and that teacher experiences what I like to call a headshot. I would kill the fucker personally if that was my kid. The kid would be punished severely but the teacher would be 6ft under. That is real world in my time. These faggot rules of the street are what is making the black neighborhoods garbage or shitholes.

Kid got what was coming to him.

But what an idiot giving 4k to some punk for a buy like that.

Another crime sponsored by drug prohibition.

How about the drug buy part. He tried to get and underage kid to do a felony and one that was drug related, that should get him at least 10 years. He also assaulted a kid in relation to a drug purchase. This guy should get 30 years for this using his trusted position to have a minor commit a felony for him to commit a felony. This is an open and shut case in my mind.