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I like it here ... lol But yeah I haven't yet taken the mouse but I have directed the mouse with words... carefully when the fat brown woman behind the counter ended up at the wrong truck 3 times in a row.

Shots fired. @pmyb2 :P

"No, god damn it, I need a FLYWHEEL!"

No I needed a flywheel that doesn’t exist.

Those ones are hard to get in this dimension!

I was thinking it might have been cheaper and easier just to have one custom manufactured.

I've done this, it wasn't for car parts though. I even had what I wanted in my hand and they kept bringing the wrong one.

This is Humiliating. I've been there ,with my incompetent ass.

The next stage up from turning the screen half way around and pointing with your finger at everything they need to click.

Needed a waste gate actuator. The monkey at parts sales was adamant I had to buy the whole turbo unit because it was labelled with the same number on his screen. Had to get the part number myself. Love fixing my own shit, hate dealing with clueless clerks.

I have done that. I even looked up my own diagnostic codes after using their reader.

Goddamn, I love you guys if I didnt screen shot a random comment on voat, I would have never found you guys. I can't believe i foind the pic in my phone, I think I have found a new home. That shit is fucking funny

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