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I called the MCC number and asked the dude who answered if it was true one of the guards guarding Epstein was killed in a car accident. He yelled no comment and hung up. :)

I don't know if I should admire you for doing so, or feel sorry for the guy who is stuck answering service! lol

I've been wondering if whomever got stuck with the autopsy would end up blown to smithereens, along with the report and the body.

P.S. I see you faggot, trying to blind me in nightmode with your bright ass white post. White spreading is a hate crime.

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I thought you were going to sleep.

Day mode sucks, but a new light grey mode will come to replace it soon.

Nah, I just am too light hearted to read anything serious at the moment. We've got a great lightning storm I'm enjoying so I'll probably go after that.

Grey mode will be interesting! I've never experienced such.