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A secret to having a successful relationship is separate bathrooms. Hell, I have a separate bedroom! We usually sleep together in my room, but she isn't bringing any of her clutter in there! Hell no!

Yeah, same here ... my wife always uses one bathroom, me another - LOL. It just works.


I swear, next house I'm going to make sure I get my own bathroom that she doesn't get to mess all up! I mean, I sort of had that in this house, but since the mother-in-law has moved in, she's sort of claimed the bathroom that was "mine", and now it's full of cat litter because... well, cats. I MUST WHINE ABOUT THESE THINGS IMMEDIATELY!

Alexa is listening to your poop sounds.

Alexa what was the loudest fart I've ever done? Tot toot toot : April 2015, 9:30pm , now playing... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

Had a roomate in college that would make this look tidy. She had three shelves SLAMMED full of crap over the toilet, and a shelving system in the shower too. She also left a furball of hair in the drain every day. Disgusting!!

Nope because my GF left me. Must be because I'm Jewish

intelligent east asian philosophies highly recommend keeping toilet lid closed, else "luck" goes down the drain... we need lucks.... bees governings yourselves accordingly!!!

Do you intentionally type like a snake? I just imagine this slithery, silly green snake sss'ing every time I read your writing...