A secret to having a successful relationship is separate bathrooms. Hell, I have a separate bedroom! We usually sleep together in my room, but she isn't bringing any of her clutter in there! Hell no!

[–] Owlchemy 5 points

Yeah, same here ... my wife always uses one bathroom, me another - LOL. It just works.


I swear, next house I'm going to make sure I get my own bathroom that she doesn't get to mess all up! I mean, I sort of had that in this house, but since the mother-in-law has moved in, she's sort of claimed the bathroom that was "mine", and now it's full of cat litter because... well, cats. I MUST WHINE ABOUT THESE THINGS IMMEDIATELY!

Alexa is listening to your poop sounds.

Alexa what was the loudest fart I've ever done? Tot toot toot : April 2015, 9:30pm , now playing... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

[–] Caltrop 2 points

Had a roomate in college that would make this look tidy. She had three shelves SLAMMED full of crap over the toilet, and a shelving system in the shower too. She also left a furball of hair in the drain every day. Disgusting!!

[–] shawnh 1 point

Yes the female hypocrisy at it's finest.

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