[–] Ivan 2 points

This is pretty funny because it forces Cuomo to either back off of or double down on his claim that Fredo is like the N word for Italians.

edit: or I guess ignore it and move on like an adult, but I hope he won't

[–] suplex 1 point

The 'N' word is nigger.

[–] Ivan 1 point

"No! I only used the euphemism because I was paraphrasing what Cuomo himself had said." But my pleading fell on deaf ears. I had committed the cardinal sin of not saying the word 'nigger' when presented with the opportunity. If I could only go back and correct my mistake I would say it a thousand times: 'Nigger, nigger, NIGGER! See? I am like you. I am hateful too!'. But instead, I am sentenced to go back to a different place. The free speech enforcers, dragging me away from the glorious haven of thought crime I had once called internet home, now halted in front of a trap door. Once the hatch opened, they threw me into a long, dark chute. I knew where it went. As I fell through the darkness, I sobbed, abysmally aware I would spend the rest of my days matching Bernie campaign funds, white knighting for degenerate thots, and masturbating to Marvel movie trailers.

[–] suplex 2 points

Yeah but $34 for a photoshopped shirt?

It is pricey however they will be snapped up in no time.

[–] suplex 0 point

Is this actually a Trump owned site? $35 to $40 for a fuckin hat I can get on amazon for $20?

Yup, it's the official Trump campaign shop site.