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Is it just me, or were the drug programs in school kinda meh?

We need more (truth-full) shock value.

Get the kids to write down something they would not do for $10,000 dollars: must take less than 2 minutes, not be lethal. Put it in a box. Go through the box beforehand and remove shit too extreme (kill yourself etc). Bring in an extremely desperate junky. Promise to pay them 10 bucks for each thing they do from notes out of the box. Have an ambulance on standby. Make the kids sit and watch the horrible, disturbing, disgusting things the junky will do for $10. Drink toilet water; eat a mouldy sandwich; papercut the webbing between their toes. Smear shit on their face. Whatever you can get away with.

Bringing it back to reality. Have the junkies that have ruined their lives come in and talk to the students. Talk about how they have so much scar tissue from injecting themselves, that they had to inject into the vein of their penis, and now they can't get an errection or have sex any more. Have them talk about what they do for money, be it prostitution, dumpster diving, eating thrown out food, whatever. Talk about how they stole their dying parents' medications so they could trade them for their fix. Talk about what they would do for money or their next fix.

Of course, you have to explain to the kids that not ALL people who use drugs will turn out like that. But at the end of the day, it's a game of russian roulette. Not everyone is going to shoot (and kill) themselves, but is it really worth the risk?

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You are definitely talking to the wrong person on that. We were not talked about drugs in my day, and sex was just basic biology. I think they should start doing that because kids look at it like getting a head start having sex and doing drugs before everyone else in class.

We had some people do drugs and sex education. And the cops came in to the school in year 9 to talk to us about it. But the takeaway I got from that is that you never know what it is, it could be anything from real drugs to ground up glass, and it can kill you. But that argument doesn't hold water once you find a "reputable" dealer that wants return business.

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I had a great weed dealer who was friends with me for most of my life before I knew he sold weed. I always got an 8 gram quarter of buds for cost. I would do anything for that man since he treated me like he would like to be treated which is my philosophy.

Beaners with tattoos tend to be gang affiliated, whether law enforcement or not.

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Just laugh or not, don't analyse it, it's humor not a political statement.