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Taxation is not exactly theft, since you get something in exchange, couples of services as lame as they come, but somethin nonetheless. And it's neither quite directly slavery since everything isn't taken from you...

But I see where you want to get at

Taxation is protection racket

Now think about this one, what you supposedly pay for, and what you get when you don't pay....

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He didn't call it theft. He called it slavery.

BTW, if I steal something from my neighbor, but give him some worthless shit in exchange, it's still theft.


Here, for you:


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It's even worse. Taxation is closer to theft than slavery

And that was called theft in an other meme, that's why I brought it

The worthless thing in exchange are called ICBMs and nuclear submarines, something the free market can't come up with, for obvious reason. One can argue that those weapons wouldn't exist without states, which is probably true.

That's what you pay for, among other things, such as a judicial system. One can argue that it's a rather disfunctional one, I won't say the contrary.

And the list is long, and sure there are stuffs you could very well do away with in that list


So no, it's not worthless shit, that's part of the US might, a big chunk actually, and you know what it all boils down to when it comes to it

I'd pay for a nuclear warhead to deter state actors like the police and IRS from fucking with my life or taking away my stuff. the problem with WMDs is, that only states have them, so that their tax-cattle are helplessly enslaved.

Fuck off statist

If what someone was being taxed for would be something they'd pay for anyways even if they weren't forced to, then it's not important.

If it's not important, the government shouldn't waste their money on it, or force people to pay for it.

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Words have a meaning and the dictionary exists now take your meds, your obession with government makes you lose your mind, look at how triggered and emotional you are