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"epstein" is a mossad cell that is all about a baby-breeding-farm, twisted gypsies are fascinated with "blood"... young virgins are knowingly and unknowingly inseminated with the semen of "epstein friends", the babies are then selected for dissection, sacrifice and "raising"... the babies that remain alive are raised on kibbutzes, unaware of their origins, where they will be cultivated and groomed to be "future leaders", while remaining under the thumb of their breeders!... this is how ""obama" came to "be"!!!

The richer you are the more perverted you get. Jack and coke just doesn't cut it anymore, snorting coccaine off hookers tits doesn't do it for you anymore either. Now you gotta try and find your new fix, use your imagination, you will come up with sick and twisted shit these fuckers do now to get off.

babes... yous missing the point... why you overfascinated with "drugs"?...

the issue is mossad is breeding and "harvesting" babies for blackmail and other nefarious purposes to hold hostage current and "future" political, industry and media "leaders"!

Damned weegians!

My ma-in-law recently got mad at me for lumping her in with Norwegians; I am apparently racist for thinking that the Danish are related. /shame

The royalty is Jewish and they are not only pedophiles, they drink the blood of the children and eat them. They do blood rituals with children before the younger ones. They do it for something for millennia. Hopefully some day the information comes out because they do