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I need to find something to just show people all the socialist programs created in america in the 80s or 90s as well as other times. Much of america is socialist.

To me personally we live in a capitalist / socialist society or capitalist / socialist america for that matter (1930s alone with social security - long before my time even as a millenial). many of the socialist programs were created by boomers and such or the older generations not to just pick on the boomers like the "The silent generation or The great generation" to as well. I wasn't born until 90 (basically) - I was born in the tail end of the 80s myself. I wouldn't of even been in the realm of the 80s or 90s alone for any type of socialist programs. I was basically an adult around 2005-2010 time frame after much of this had already happened and/or all the socialist programs were created due to the excess cash from the boomers alone.



The military alone is straight up communism (if not socialist at least) to me alone if just at times economically. Everything is done through the state alone. Not saying we need soldiers of fortune or private companies for that matter, but that's the way I see it myself personally.

I will play devil's advocate on this one though. That goes back to the Roman Empire to me at least personally though. Not saying it's "right" though.

Some music.


Truth be told America is capitalist / socialist and even communist nation (u.s. military and the state alone when it comes to economic type stuff at least).

Any company that is registered and pays taxes is corporate property of the State. You live in a one-company communist monopoly disguised as capitalism.

Forced - but not communism per say, but how does the state own them?

forced is communist so maybe in the tax realm.

Registered corporations function as subsidiaries of the State. A corporation, in the contemporary sense, can't exist until an existence request is submitted to the State, and the State authorizes it's existence, or in other words the State creates it, thus owning it. The taxes are the profits that get passed up the chain of ownership.

But a corporation of course is a fake, non-existant entity - the State isn't really capable of creating anything except bullshit. The entire system is built out of lies.