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Are the niggies still getting their full compensation for breeding? Or are they just singling out white people? Looks like from the article they slashed rural benefits a lot more than greater London benefits. So chances are white people will be hit harder. Anyone got information on how much brown people get paid per child?

A long time ago I was visiting some friends who had two kids and all they did was complain about money and that the government assistance they got wasn't enough. A couple years go by and I'm back in town and dropped by, they now had three kids and another on the way, still on assistance, still complaining. I stopped dealing with them after that, last I heard they had six kids.

The problem here is not the family. It is the system of slavery, misery and scarcity that the Jew applies to the goyim. Let's not forget that the Jew controls our money and the Jew is another race and spice other than ours like blacks.



Those who did this, the 11S and all the remaining wars and terrorism of false flag control our money, economy and lifestyle. To tremble ...

Dysgenics in action. If you subsidize something, you tend to get more of it. In this case the least capable of providing for themselves are the most likely to reproduce.

As a family of 3 (that's all we can afford, no benefits), I say fuck these cunts.

People like them are the reason that my son has no brother or sister.