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Manipulative Former Pedollywood Cum Dumpster. Don't forget she got introduced to Harry by her Jewish Matchmaker friend.

oh the jewsssssssss did this. makes sense now

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I'll just leave this here...

Prof. MacDonald has discovered that implausible arguments about diversity being a quintessentially American strength have been made by Jews for a long time. He reports that in 1948 the American Jewish Committee was urging Congress to believe that “Americanism is the spirit behind the welcome that America has traditionally extended to people of all races, all religions, all nationalities.” Of course, there had never been such a tradition. In 1952, the American Jewish Congress argued in hearings on immigration that “our national experience has confirmed beyond a doubt that our very strength lies in the diversity of our peoples.” This, too, was at a time when U.S. immigration law was still explicitly designed to maintain a white majority.

It is often said that when the old immigration policy was scrapped in 1965, scarcely anyone knew, and no one predicted, that the new law would change the racial makeup of the country. Prof. MacDonald disputes this, arguing that this had been the objective of Jewish groups from the beginning.

Prof. MacDonald finds that Jews have been the foremost advocates of immigration in England, France, and Canada, and that Jewish groups were the most vocal opponents of independence for Quebec. Australian Jews led the effort to dismantle the “white Australia” policy, one reason for which was cited in an editorial in the Australian Jewish Democrat: “The strengthening of multi-cultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would feel more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian.” Like Earl Raab writing about the United States, this Australian Jew is prepared to sacrifice the traditional culture, people, and identity of Australia to specifically Jewish interests. It would not be surprising if such an openly expressed objective did not have the opposite effect from the intended, and increase anti-Jewish sentiment.

Jews and the Left

It is well known that Jews have been traditionally associated with the left, and Prof. MacDonald investigates this connection in some detail. Historically it was understandable that Jews should support movements that advocated overthrowing the existing order... http://archive.is/7bdTP#selection-273.0-307.260


He looks like one of Diana's flings like Trudeau looks like Castro.

I saw this coming. She's acting like a LJP and whining to get her way. Heard on the radio this morning she put out a release claiming Harry is bullied by William so she's just flat out trying to divide the family against itself.

Can we start calling her Princess Vespa?

Piers Morgan is generally just a lib prick, its surprising to hear this from him and good to see him stirring shit with the right people for a change.

He has flirted with some more conservative takes since his return to the UK. When he was here he was absolutely intolerable.

The blame lies with the guy who had jungle fever in the first place.

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Like I mentioned in another comment, he probably got this from his mudshark mom.

Eww really? I never knew much about her, but in light of this moral perversion it makes sense that the powers that be have posthumously pined about how universally beloved she was. They probably offed her too lol.

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On August 31, 1997, Dodi Fayed died in a car crash in Paris with Diana, Princess of Wales, with whom he was in a romantic relationship.

Rumors say that the royals offed her because she was pregnant.

He'd rather be a reality show star than royalty...for some damn poon. I knight thee "Sir Cucksalot".

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