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Go with the Jewish demons. They do not hide their hatred of humanity and especially the white race that is going to expose them and take them out of world power

It reeks so much of malevolence... It's becoming hard to argue that we aren't in fact dealing with freaking biblical demons from another dimension

As hillary would say "What difference, at this point, does it make?"


Talking about hillary... https://youtu.be/EChEQqJbAD4?t=2

I have never said that we are dealing with demons of another dimension. I have only shared certain theories in case anyone was interested in digging. The enemy and objective is the Jew

>Go with the Jewish demons.

There's what you want to say, and there's what I say starting from what you said


What's a jew?

They say things in the bible about "jews", a lot of things

There's a funny bit about those who call themselves "jew", while they are not

And there's another funny bit, about an old guy trying to fix things with his people, and it turns out to be fucking hopeless


Thank God all this vitriol is directed at whiteness and not white people or (historically) white nations or something.

Why aren't any of these people ever charged for inciting hate and violence?

Any white people saying stuff like this would be arrested immediately. So why are we the only ones that have no protection of the law yet have to obey everything or be destroyed?

The cops and judges need to fucking hang!