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Yeah and they were right

They don't give a shit to go to jail for their principles and I respect that

The tranny crossed the line

Also, it's important to note the ethnic solidarity here, something whites lack, 2 other muslims joined right away

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And that's exactly when you know Europe is fucked.

Yes, Jewish fault. Here I leave the last presidents of Spain who of course are Jews like everywhere else


The parasitic groups are feeding off each other. Stand back and watch the show. I'm making popcorn as we speak.

The fault of everything is the Jew who is attacking the male and female human gender because he wants that in his NWO all people are androgynous that is why he fosters the madness of feminism and homosexuality among other nonsense

Based Muslims.

If the any country in the west was an actual healthy place we wouldn't need foreigners to.

PJW, like all other fake conservatives is only upset that the muslims attacked a Globohomo tranny.

Both Muslims and trannys should be deported.

Gah didn't realize I was a reposter. Ah well, good the story gets out there. Everyday the left eats itself.