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Soy seems to cause neurological damage and has high levels of estrogen among other evils to attack masculinity and feminize men. The Jew is evidently behind

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I don't think the jew is that smart, it's mostly an extremely convenient situation that fell into their lap.

But then east asia and soy sauce

They've been eating it for centuries and they are anything but retarded

Granted, they can hardly grow a beard, but still


So, are we even sure it's the soy here, and not something that comes attached to it, that's where I'm getting at

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I don't think they ate as much tofu historically. Soy sauce though is fermented, and it changes it like yeast changes sugar to liquor. They eat a lot of tofu and soy products now, and they are busy blaming the CIA for the effeminization problem.

No, if you do not need to be intelligent to enslave. At first when there were no empires they killed, and then, they only need to use deception to continue dominating. What is clear is that the Jew controls world food. Here I leave you a list to you see it. Monsanto for example is from the Jewish Rockefellers


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Do you really think a jew researched soybeans and found they were harmful and then ramped up production/use because of that? It's far more likely that jews ramped up production/use because it was the cheapest protein-like "food" and they just got lucky with it being a poison. Now that they know for sure though, they'll put it in everything. If there was a way they could poison the water with it like flouride they would.

Why is it that Asians have been consuming Soybeans (oil and milk) for millennia, long before Khazarians even knew about Asia?

The discovery that soybeans have negative properties for us are recent and the Jew is promoting the massive consumption of that food.Perhaps it is like fluoride, which discovered how pernicious it was for us as a neurotoxic agent that is about 100 years ago or less and from there the Jew has imposed his addition to the water without our permission and consent