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the dike can only burst when a single crack spouts water. this little stream of water can crack this whole immigration dike wide open.

So in order to get a dike wet, I need to penetrate it first? Then it will become as wet as October? Like there is some artificial barrier to it getting wet to begin with, but once it happens, it can't turn back? Also, what's a metaphor?


Did I come off as rapey? Just wanted to say that most lesbians actually want some dick. They just need to feel it, to start enjoying it.

Refugee status should NEVER be permanent. It must always be a temporary protection for people when the situation in their home country is fucked.

During this time, refugees should be able to learn skills from their host countries (as far as they are able to), so they should be tested when they arrive and then trained for whatever they are capable of (no point trying to train a 65 IQ african to be a surgeon, but he could be ... umm, probably nothing actually. Anyway, you might be able to train someone with an 80+ IQ to be a builder or plumber, skills that their home country, being fucked, would need). Once the conflict or whatever is over, they MUST return home, with any fucking kids they popped out in the mean time.

All refugees should remain isolated from the wider community, not integrated, and MUST not be allowed to get around the return requirement for any reason (i.e. marying a local would not allow them to stay, they and any children must return).

Neither the African, La Raza, or Muslim culture are compatible with European or American culture. There is massive and arbitrary immigration to Europe and the US from regions with an alien culture as a great threat to European and US society. Immigration leads to a deterioration in Europe and the US and stagnation in Africa and Latin America itself. The only people who should move to Europe are those who have an invitation. But if we want to preserve European and American society as it is, we cannot allow any immigration from Africa or La Raza countries. It is naive to think that those very people whose cultures product nothing but misery, persecution, oppression and hopelessness can make a positive contribution to Europe or the US. Africans and La Raza do not want to think and work like Europeans or Americans, but they do want to live like Europeans and Americans. If they really want European or US society and achievements, they could also make them a reality in Africa and Latin America. There is sufficient assistance and examples – such as the former colonies in Asia.

'Gettorising the Scandinavian peninsula'. Choice words from the minister.

Denmark is based. It's among one of the happiest countries.