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>We’re particularly focused on domestic terrorism

No, you're not, Glownigger Wray. Antifa would have been declared a domestic terrorist organization 4 years ago if that were the case. FBI is overdue for dissolution.

The Jewish FBI works for the Jewish NWO therefore the threat is the Jewish NWO plus the FBI. Isis is Jewish creation like all false terrorist organizations. Better call ISIS CIA, MOSSAD


To fight our terrorism

We need to cut your rights


FBI Names the so-called Self created group an isis-level threat

If I'm like ISIS, when do I get my money, weapons, and my toyota pickup truck?

LOlololol cuz people like milo and nick fuentes are obviously terror recruits. Milo with his pole smoking, and Nick, the "white" nationalist whos what, half hispanic?

This is the FBI going after the moderates and center of america for speaking out.

This is plainly political suppression like the stasi did and an obvious threat from the same people running wallstreet and the parties.

All this shit started after occupy, when the banks shit a brick and needed to divide the country along lines that would make them easy to control.

Now they're ramping up suppression of "whites" in order to increase radicalism and create the excuse for that very suppression.