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Makes me wonder how the common Russian person feels about Putin. The media shits on him over here, but that's a great example of your point about the elite wanting to take him down (comparable to killing Caesar).

I understand Caesar was a man of the people. He even left money to the citizens in his will. He changed laws to give land to the poor. He actually changed a ton of laws, in a relatively short period of time. This won the people's love. I wonder what Putin has done for his people, if anything, that is comparable. I hear stories about him giving money and gifts to poor people, out of the blue. I could imagine he cares about his citizens, but don't really know the truth about it all.

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From my common Russian example - he sucks, except everyone else. Just like MacOS. Theres no better alternative for now. He is mildly successful but able to keep the shit together. Of course that would be quicj shot to release the censorship, allow BTC international trades/withdrawals, stop fuckin around with internet, turning Russia into the bastion of free speech for westerners etc. But he's fuckin boomer.