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Refuting the central point




Responding to tone

Ad hominem

Name calling <--- You are here

You didn't have a central point, it's just blatant homophobia.

Now that's a bit better, but no. It's not blatant homophobia.

A phobia is an irrational fear. I am scared, but for the future and the children (including possible mine) who will have their lives destroyed by this. I am not for my own immediate sake.

And it is perfectly rational because not only can we use statistical evidence to determine the numbers (gay men are much more likely to rape a preteen boy, than a straight man is of doing the same with a preteen girl), but you can see it playing out in front of you in the form of "childrens' drag queen story time at the library", "gay pride" events where children are exposed to men doing all kinds of depraved things, sometimes with fully exposed genitals. I don't see any straight people putting on pole-dancing and stripper shows for children; I do see it from the gays.

You want to do that stuff in your own bedroom, fine. But the instant it becomes a public issue and public funds and resources are being spent on it, it becomes everyone's business. Keep it in the bedroom, stop harping on for the right to "get married", which nothing more than a tax-grab and an attempt to get your hands on children. Re-institute the charge of manslaughter for anyone that wilfully spreads HIV and one of their victims/partners die from it. Don't subsidise HIV/AIDS anti-viral medication for the faggots and let them die if they can't pay, rather than get the tax-payers to support their degenerate lifestyle choices.

Do that, and then we won't have a problem. Until then, I'm going to call them out as the mentally scared, sick, degenerate paedophiles that they are.