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No. The CIA doesn't do that every day. Because the west has private companies, not controlled by the state, but by shareholders.

China absolutely lies, cheats and steals any time it can. And because it is a state company owned by the PRC, there are never any consequences or repercussions for bad "illegal" behavior.

This is a country that stole biological weapons (corona virus), but is too incompetent to actually contain them. They only got to that point because other countries were supporting and allowing them to do so. They've never been held to account on anything illegal that they've done. Breaking trade agreements, stealing intellectual property, stealing physical property (virus samples):, bribing or buying politicians and other international groups (WHO). Anyone that supports the PRC deserves to die of viral aids (Wuhan flu).

The sooner they are abolished, and the country is torn into 4 separate countries, the better.