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That dude looks so much like me its eerie, especially back when I was that age.

If you're going to cross the line, might as well go for a touchdown.

apparently having no hope for a future is what it takes to do the right thing. Also sems the method to pacify the nordic race is a slow boil, and threaten the end their life if they cross a moving line.

the method to pacify the nordic race is a slow boil

Indeed. Unless they turn up the heat too quickly, most won't even notice until they're fully baked.

Whatever Jonathan Watson did to find himself in prison, he clearly should remain, but I find myself hard pressed to deny that he's absolutely right. There are few crimes I could imagine Mr. Watson could've committed that being jailed with a child molester, let alone two, isn't an additionally cruel punishment on top of his sentence.

the Jewish satanic elite that governs us is pedophile and that includes rabbis, priests, politicians, actors, singers, athletes