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This whole article was the standard, racism, racial inequalities, poc being disadvantaged blah blah blah. I'll sum it up for everyone, poc have low IQ's and can't compete or survive in a white society because they are dumb asses.

Yeah, I know.

But the title itself is fairly true - when the end of July comes and the money stops - it's going to be fun. The only stuff I've seen talking about how things aren't "recovering" is on some of the investing and job forums I read.

How many are you going to evict?

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I don't do rentals. It's too much hassle.

If I had rental properties, I'd be selling them and getting out of that market. Can you imagine the lawsuits from people that you deny because they didn't pay their rent and were evicted as a result? Can you imagine the evictions because people didn't pay their rent and the landlord is getting foreclosed on as a result?

My wife wanted me to not pay the rent. She tried to guilt trip me into doing it by asking if I would pay the rent or buy food for the kids. She doesn't understand paying the rent is more important long term than the kids going hungry a few days. I applied that to our current situation, we'd have a double rent month in August or September and that would continue until the owed rent was paid. That shit was such a trap and she didn't see it even though it was spelled out in the letter all the tenants received.

Rentals have always been a mixed bag - if times are good and people pay, it's fine, but you get a bad tenant or times get tough and people stop paying, it's hell. I can imagine the lawsuits and that's one of the many reasons I've stayed away from directly owning rentals.

You're one in a million, I know many people that, even after I explained to them what will happen, just happily stopped paying rent/bills/mortgages...that all comes due and it come due all at once. Going to be some surprised people out there.