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I can't even imagine being so hard up for money that I cut off my own hand.

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Ahead of the injury, prosecution alleged, the couple was looking up internet searches regarding prosthetic hands.

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Well, imagine the permanent state of facepalm she's into, imagine the depth of that void she feels inside now

She not only lost her hand, she also failed to collect the money, so she did it for nothing. She willingly cut her hand off with a circular saw, for nothing but shit. That has to be in the top 10 stupidest move in recorded history. Which is quite something given how retarded humans can be on average. And she has her name and face attached to it. And the whole world knows now.

Hmmmm, how embarrassing.

I think, I would stop thinking, entirely, after this one. I would just go blank, to no longer think about that story, I would try to forget who I am, and where I am, and this world, entirely, and just stare at nothing, in order to avoid going completely batshit insane. But I guess I would already be there, anyway, if I went for such move in the first place.

Not sure if she went insane or full retard.

Probably both now.