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The kid is a hero and put 3 worthless criminals in their place

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Stop. Using. Facebook.

Kyle was defending his life after being physically attacked by people with weapons, one of whom had a gun. (That one said he regretted not mag-dumping on Kyle.)

FB forbids expressing for Kyle defending his own life.

Facebook is anti-White.

You can defend Kyle on facefuck if ya do it right. I posted a link from HuffPo, then in my text I wrote, "Our boy is home with a hero's welcome! Cry more commies, your tears sustain me! "

I just checked and my post is still up.

Just typed his name on FB, several stories came up. Mentions that actor Ricky Schroeder paid most of the bail amount. Nice.

..and immediately the jew stream media started calling Ricky a white supremacist...lol. They are mad because Kyle shot one of their pedo soldiers in the head.