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The libtards forever assume all they gotta do is add just one more law to the books, and it will be some sort of tipping point to where de bluud & de crips, de thugboys, mexican mafia, crazies, etc., will suddenly decide to actually obey that law (and all the previous ones) and the gun problem will 'automagically' disappear. It don't work, it's never worked, and it never will work. All laws do is disarm those that obey said laws. Look at Japan....only the police, military and Yakuza can get guns...the populace are at their mercy, and they are no safer for it.

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I thought California had magazine size limits and a bunch of other useless stupid shit gun control that was supposed to stop beaners and niggers from shooting up the place?

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Being a no gun zone should have stopped the guy.

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Weird how the dems take control and then shootings start. Surely I am just paranoid

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For some reason I couldn't archive from my phone.

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It's ok, I just do it so posts don't get obsolete if their links are taken down or changed.