[–] xyzzy 2 points (+2|-0)

Just say ‘Rong time, no see’ instead.

[–] sporkulon 3 points (+3|-0)

"HeRRoo, Ching Chong dinga-ling-dong invisible slant nigger." is the only real option now.

[–] AOU 1 point (+1|-0)

Long time no see is the translation of the very common 好久不见 (hao jiu bu jian)

[–] GasParasites 1 point (+1|-0)

Then it's cultural appropriation, not mere derogatory! Have the perpetrators been lined up beside a ditch to be shot?

[–] Dudicles 1 point (+1|-0)

The bigger problem is that "offensive" is used and allowed as an excuse to shut things and people down. People need to stop capitulating to those that take offense at everything. You don't give offense, you take offense, so the problem lies in the people taking offense and being allowed to use "I've taken offense to that" as a weapon to harm other people.

If I were going to a college and it did something like this, I'd be leaving ASAP for a place that is not going to play dictator with my words, culture, or thought.

[–] Timmy 1 point (+1|-0)

SJW's want their version of anarchy to rule. Fuck them.