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For Libtards, SJW-commies, and other such tards, it's all about appearances...not substance. It's about molding reality to fit their Narrative. They do not care about truth, facts or evidence unless that can be twisted to suit their goals. Whether or not Mignogna actually did anything nefarious is of no importance to these creatures....only that what he did is ambiguous enough to be easily molded into their service. These scumbags don't care about guilt or innocence, only that the target can be made to appear guilty. Like Don Quixote destroying the windmills while pretending them murderous dragons, these fools pretend shadow is substance.

To be honest, this was a great and balanced video discussing the Vic controversy. As for my thoughts:

Should've Vic known better to know that there's people who don't want hug or kisses? Yes.

Did he screw up? Yes.

However, he had no malicious intentions and no police reports have been filed thus far.

I honestly forgive him because he understood that he's made a mistake by getting too used to it, apologized for it, and plans to accordingly adjust his behavior.

RoosterTeeth and Funimation were honestly acting a little too extreme by firing him. And it's honestly very disappointing to see them bend over to the court of public opinion like ABC did with Roseanne and Disney did with James Gunn. I really did like RWBY, and I honestly hate that most likely, the quality of that show will decline from here. They should've just defended him until there was real, clear, incontrovertible evidence that there's some shady shit going on. They should've assumed innocence until he's proven guilty.

People should be slow to judge and quick to forgive.

This is one of the only places that I'll speak on this subject matter honestly. I didn't want to conclude too early and be totally wrong about some things later. Moreover, people would most likely try to smear me and ruin my life if I posted about this on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.