I'm so proverbially horny, right now. My mind-dick is rock-fucking-hard, right now. Facebook, you're being a naughty girl. What other mundane garbage can you be mind-blasted with, next? I want to hurt you so bad. *cracks whip*

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Honking amazing.

This only further enhances the power of Honkler.

We memed the OK sign into being white supremacy, now we've memed clowns and honking the same way, this proves that the media are literally incapable of resisting our bait, not matter how obvious we make it.

I just had to honk at this dumb fuck who was being a total clown on the streets and nearly crashed into me while I was driving the other day. Had I not honked, I would've not been alive today.

^ The statement would probably get me banned on Facebook.

Jesus.. or sorry they banned that too.. OMG.. my bad that’s banned as well lol ahaha ha Honk Honk

jewbook banning the term "honk" doesn't surprise me one bit with it being clown world.

It's almost like the perfect example of it. With "honk" being banned by jewbook.

Yeah, there can be few clearer signs that we're winning.

yea if we could get rid of jew trump as well and replace him with someone better we'd be way better off alone at that point to as well.

We need a white christian conservative or something like that. Not a neo-marxist commie like jew trump.

if we could get rid of jew trump

Yeah, if. Technically could be done if an impossibly large number of people were willing to engage in mass homicide of millions of jews, leftists, and their associates. Otherwise, we're basically already done.

Fuck it we need to have the whole dictionary banned people. I suggest we move on to Bonk. Onamonapea the fuck out every word.. honk.. bonk .. pow lol