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They're right, we should start now with the government taking all the money from tech and media millionaires and billionaires for the cause. They have been supporting this verbally so now they can support it financially. Also have the properties and business confiscated and given to the people. Jeff Bezos, you're first.Then have Pelosi and Bernie in line to sign over all their worldly goods to the people. The new salaries for these people will be $15/hr so don't worry you won't be left out. Heck make it so the maximum wage can only be $30/hr for doctors and other highly trained personnel. Congress shall make $20/yr and have efficiency apartments designated to them to help them when in DC with their housing costs. Obama will have to give up his mansion but it's for the people he so loves so not a huge deal. All wine collections will be auctioned off to foreign rich people to give the money to the people along with art and mansions.

"We could provide..."

There's the catch, and none of the mouth frothing retards going along with this will even realize it. If you're not providing for yourself, you are under full control of someone else. Everyone pushing for communism always thinks they'll be on the 'good' side of the provider government. What they fail to realize is that the government is on no one's side but itself. Citizens are cattle, to be milked and slaughtered as necessary to keep the wheels moving and the string pullers in control and comfort.