[–] shawnh 1 point

Best comment on the "Ah Jussie, don't beat yourself up over this"

[–] shawnh 0 point

Good it was a racist show anyways. I saw a few minutes of it and realized it was crap, total shit. Just another liberal show with a lame ass message.

Gay black man cat fighting with other gay black man. Awesome 😎

[–] AOU 2 points

Typical "bucket of crabs" mentality.

They all were standing behind him when made his shit up.

They knew it was all staged. Fuck them all.

[–] Chips 2 points

I remember reading the ratings were already in the shitter before the whole smollet nonsense... Now it's supposedly a "hit tv show" as per the article lol

[–] AOU 3 points

You can't make that shit up, unless you're a talentless dindu.